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About Come Explore With Me

I was born in Jamaica in a little town called Amity, about an hour’s drive from Negril. It’s not a place you’ll find on the tourists’ maps, but it’s my little “peace” of home.

I also have a home in the United States, and I’ve explored several other places that may also become my new addresses some day. I’m just not sure when. I’m an educator by profession, a writer by avocation and a traveler by nature.

I love traveling and the boundless experiences it brings. I’m always in search of new things large and small, spoken and unspoken, actual or not yet conceived. The aim of this blog is to open up the world not only to me but also to you.

It’s never too late to start that adventure – alone, with your best girlfriends, your mate or your spouse, your mom or that favorite aunt. In fact, now may be the best time open the door, pull up the blinds, open the window and come see the world.

I welcome your comments and your travel stories and photos. Click here  to share them with me.

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